Journal of Orthopaedic Complications (JOC) is an International Peer Reviewed Journal publishing articles dealing with Complex, Complicated and Difficult Musculoskeletal Scenarios. The main Focus of the Journal is “Problem Solving Approach” towards such unique cases. These Events are one of the most important event in Life of an Orthopaedic Surgeon, one that they remember always. Lessons learnt from these cases are never forgotten and many a times lead to change in practice and outlook towards orthopaedics. JOC will try to highlight these learning points and publish them so that the entire orthopaedic community and our patients benefit from learning of each of us. This will eventually lead to better management of these complex cases and also reduction in complications. JOC aims at continuous improvement in surgical skills and clinical decision making rather than literature focused approach.
Journal of Orthopaedic Complications is First of Its kind journal where a complete journal is dedicated to complex complicated cases. This journal will fill the huge Lacunae in this very important aspect of Orthopaedic Surgery Literature.
Along with the Novel Idea the Journal will also feature novel ways of presenting ideas and innovations. Conventional features like original article and case reports will continue along with new concepts like ‘Case Image’, ‘Photo-Article’, ‘Video Techniques’, ‘Case Studies’, ‘Letter to Expert’, and In-FOCUS (Finding Original Creative Unique Solutions)’.
The Journal will primarily cater to all Orthopaedic Surgeons and will have a global outreach. Surgeons from more than 40 countries are involved with us presently and is a testament to popularity the Journal will gather in time.

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